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The Startup School Team

Y Combinator
Mountain View, CA

Birth of MindWave X

To many young entrepreneurs, Y Combinator is the dream place to launch startups. I didn't know anything, not the startup schools, not the Hacker News, not the Office Hours, not the YC partners. I signed up the YC Hack 2018 just like a Texan town boy, without too many thoughts.

Things start to heat up when I joined the Slack, where like-minds start to pitch their ideas and put up their profiles. So I did the same thing and hoping to get some connections with the silicon valley people. Nothing much happened.

10/04/2018, it was a normal day in Texas, hot and sunny, when I drove from Brownsville to Austin for a flight to San Jose. The 24 hour journey is a mind-blower. I met with these two Denmark cowboys, who hacked a way to store data on blockchain with 5% of the normal gas fee. There are so many flaws in many of the picked projects but all those teams did very impressive delivery of some products or services. There is no cash award except for an interview with YC and some office hour, which I realized later on that it is exactly what a successful company needs, a good team with execution skills.

I didn't learn it that night and my ego is really somewhat annoying to others. But I also didn't stick to my plan and make it a go, as I feel tired of being the idea source plus the doer. There is no easy path as hitchhiking and everything I want have to be earned by own effort.

It is never late to take the lesson and here I am, as the co-founder of MindWave after one week. The initial plot is interestingly simple and attractive so that many have approached me to carry it on. But until later that I realize that none of them really understand the potential and how to properly do it right. There is some magic from my co-founder that even though I'm unhappy that I have to explain everything from technical details to vision map, he pushed me to continue and stick on. I have never speak out so much that everything I want to do starts to shape and sound.

There is no other moment that cheers me up so much to work continuously with full passion and inspiration. Every step makes it closer to real and there is just no foreseeable limit of this journey that will drain my creativity.

Here I present, Mind Wave, a company that delivers the best of assistance to human intelligence.

We believe that Human Intelligence should come first. As human is still more intelligent and AI should aim to enhance that. AI is the new electricity but we will be the Renaissance of the revolution.

— Domi Jin, 10/13/2018

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Oct. 12th, 2018